Survival tips for the School holidays

Well well well, the school holidays are upon us but fear not! I’ve thrown together some ideas/activities to keep your little people busy. Here are my survival tips for the school holidays…

Zesty chicken meatballs with spaghetti

Want to add more interest to your meals? Why not try my zesty chicken meatballs with spaghetti? Suitable for any diet requirement- Gluten free, dairy free refined sugar free. Plus if you are none of the above you will still find this enjoyable!

Gardening with Kids…Why it’s so darn beneficial

A garden is a classroom for life right?  It’s messy its fun, edible, squishy, gritty, and colourful.  Gardening with kids is so much fun! With the right amount of patience and a can-do attitude, gardening with kids can create a lifelong passion. 

Bloody good gluten free cereal.

I am getting pretty fired up about my Bloody good gluten free cereal. 

The fact of the matter is you don’t even need to be gluten-free to try this.  Try it because you want something new and interesting in your diet.  It is so packed full of goodies it will keep you going well into your morning tea if not lunch (but seriously do have morning tea!) 

Adrenal Fatigue – My story

Well, it feels a bit like confession time.   I have written and rewritten this blog numerous times in my head, it still feels like a scary thing to do, but hey if this can help someone else out there then my work here is done.  What am I talking about? Adrenal Fatigue…

Mixing up your Sunday Roast.

Suprise your Mum this Mother’s Day with this Roast Chicken, Glazed Beetroot, Fig, & Bulghur Wheat Salad. She will love you for it!

Quick & Easy fish pie

Quick & Easy fish pie is not only nutritious but packed full of Omega 3! This dish is a sure favourite with all the lads of the house and me.

It’s showtime…

Well holy!!  Its happened I’ve finally launched my reusable beeswax shop here so thanks for your patience.