Easy slow roasted Tomatoes…

Lush tomatoes!!

Check out these lovelies fresh from the garden.  I love to grow tomatoes – nothing tastes quite as sweet as your own homegrown.  We are rather fortunate to have a fantastic climate to get these luscious beauties succulent and sweet.  We always plant way too many, but there is a simple yet effective way that will see you through winter using your own lovely tomato based sauces. Bolognese, lasagna and nachos become a cut above the rest with none other than your HOMEGROWN TOMATOES!

Ready in: 125 minutes
Place the greaseproof paper on a flat tray.  Halve your tomatoes and place on the tray cut side up.  Drizzle in olive oil (or your favourite oil you could use an avocado oil), then place in the oven and slow roast for 2 hours at 150 degrees Celsius (if you are wanting sun-dried tomatoes – leave them in for longer) If you are doing this later in the evening.  I quite often turn the oven off after the 2 hours and leave them in to cool overnight and continue step 2 in the morning.

I then put the tomatoes in a glass jug and blitz till smooth.  If you wanted you can create a few different sauces.  Simply add a tablespoon of you favourite pesto, mix and then pour into deep ice cube trays.

Once frozen pop out of trays and place into labelled snap lock bags.
You can also try adding various fresh herbs. Basil, oregano, thyme, parsley to name a few.

Add a TBSP or so of your favourite fresh herbs and you are away laughing.  Just don’t forget to label which herbs you have added so you can match your appropriate tomato herb base to the dish you are using it for e.g.: Spaghetti Bolognese you might like Thyme or Oregano, lasagne you might want a basil tomato base.  You can now enjoy your summer produce throughout winter with these sweet little gems of tomato goodness.

The added bonus – NO SUGAR REQUIRED!  Slow roasting helps sharpen their natural sweetness giving you a rich tomato base to work with however you choose.

Maybe even a killer Bloody Mary! 😉

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