Chicken and courgette wraps

This is such a quick and easy healthy dish to whip up after work for the kids and or friends and still look like you’ve gone to an effort.  Its nice and light and you can make and change the flavours, or you favourite sauces without any hassle.  I myself like a bit of spice but my boys are not at that stage.  So I tend to keep it simple and use dried chilli flakes or diced fresh chilli sprinkled over mine when plating.

Courgettes have to be one of the easiest summer vegetables to grow and always arrive in abundance.  So I tend to use them as a staple filler for dishes in our house.  This year I grew yellow courgettes and guess what?  The boys master 4 and master 11/2yrs did not flinch with yellow courgette.  They seemed to approve more of yellow than green courgettes.  So to all, you parents struggling to get green in your kids’ bellies maybe try a different colour??  Who knows, it might even just fool the suckers!  Good luck!


Chicken and courgette wraps
Ready in: 20 minutes
Serves 3

  • Farrah’s garlic butter yeast free wraps
  • 1 Large yellow courgette grated (can use green also)
  • 2 Large chicken breasts (sliced into thin strips)
  • 6 Cherry tomatoes halved
  • 6 Large basil leaves finely sliced. 
  • 1Tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 Large avocado
  • Add below ingredients together and mix to make Greek yoghurt sauce:
  • 1 cup Natural yoghurt (I like greek) seasoned
  • 1 Cucumber finely diced
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1Tbsp Finely sliced mint
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • optional avocado oil

Heat pan and add olive oil.  Once heated add Chicken strips, cook for 2 minutes to colour then add grated courgette (don’t forget to squeeze out excess juice from courgette as this can lead to a watery dish).  Fry over medium heat until cooked.  Lastly add cherry tomatoes, salt and a dash of avocado oil.  Mix, heat through, then remove from heat.

To Make avocado sauce.  Remove avocado from skin and mash.  Add 1tsp lemon juice and 2tbsp of yoghurt.  Season with salt and pepper.

Lay wrap flat and spread 1-2 Tbsp of avocado sauce on one half of wrap. On the other half use natural yoghurt – you could add chilli flakes also if you prefer a bit of heat.  Place a couple of spoonfuls of the chicken mix into down the centre of the wrap and roll. 

Everyone seems to have their own special preference to rolling their wrap so I will let you rock yours!  You can then slice in half or serve whole.  We enjoyed our wraps with some of our fresh corn on the cob.

Happy days!  Now see who can make the least amount of mess when eating them!

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