This is me…

Well hello there, this has been a long time coming and it’s bloody good to be here!

So this is me – Rachael, the voice of Curious Kale!  I am not your average everyday writer, in fact, I’m a bit downside up you might say.  I even make up my own words….I call them Rachaelisms.   Yes, it does take a special individual to admit that, and I am surely one of those in more ways than one.  I am learning to embrace my imperfections, uniqueness and finally share what I am so damned passionate about.

I want to inspire you to make simple, easy wholesome food.  I am an avid green finger and would love the whole world to give growing their own vegetables/fruit a shot, but in a busy world, this is not always realistic.  I would love to encourage every reader to attempt to grow one thing well even if it is a simple herb.  If a group of 10 friends all grew just one plant well, imagine the collective you would have to share!

I am very much learning as I go here and would love you to share any of your ideas too.  I am working on my photography skills and discovering Curious Kale’s style, but while I am in the learning stages I am going to rock it how I feel at the time.  I will most likely project the style of a mad crazed woman at times – but I am who I am, and will continue to learn through this process.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear from you.

I am a slight greenie – mostly because I love this crazy planet and I want there to be a future for generations to come. Sustainability is a biggie for me.  A work in progress, I am no angel don’t get me wrong, but I am trying to do my bit. The challenge of trying to reduce waste really motivates me to get creative with ideas to achieve this.

I am really excited about this creative process and even just putting myself out there has been a rather big deal to me.  It’s a little scary at times, but I need to just let go and roll with it so I can share what I’m passionate about.  It may have taken a good couple of years parked up before I finally pressed go but here I am!  I know a fair few family members and friends who will be breathing a collective sigh of relief.  Now I can just get on with doing it!  I know my husband will be one of those people for sure.  The recipes that I use on my blog are inspired by the fresh produce we grow in our backyard.  So let’s get moving and the good times roll!!


Rachael from Curious Kale

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