The day I ditched cling wrap – whoo!

It all started out as a wee hobby, life had been throwing us quite a few curveballs and I needed something to direct my focus while weathering the storm.  So I began making reusable beeswax wraps for the family.  I quickly started to find the whole process of making the wraps, the smell, hanging them to cure and the researching quite darn therapeutic at the same time.  I focused on looking at various recipes, ingredients and then the fun part, fabrics!  At the risk of sounding like an absolute cheeseball, I am going to sound like a cheeseball haha!  But… the thing that got me so excited about using reusable beeswax wraps was ditching that plastic cling wrap for good!  It was an absolute liberation!  Like running through a field naked for the first time! (ok so I haven’t actually done that yet but it’s on bucket list) I have had a prolonged love-hate affair with the stuff for many years and this was the absolute joy to say – so long cling wrap!

The actual concept of waxing materials has been around for yonks and used in all kinds of applications.   We have been using waxed cloth since ancient Egypt and have been using beeswax to store food for thousands of years.  Waxed cotton became very popular when Mariners realised they needed to waterproof their sails to make the sail more efficient.  These people were on to it!!  

Aside from my aversion to the stuff another major motivator for me was preserving this beautiful place we live.   With the beach at our doorstep in the Bay of Plenty, I would be foolish to ignore the impacts of plastic on our environment.  I want my boys to enjoy it as unpolluted as I have.   I have noticed plastic creeping onto our shorelines so I decided to make a conscious effort to find ways to start reducing my consumption of plastic.  Hearing stories of sea life being found dead to uncover their stomach full of plastic makes me feel so sad.

You can’t change the world but you can change your own behaviour, so start in your own backyard where you can.   

There is seriously something very satisfying about wrapping your sandwiches in these wraps.  Trust me you will feel so darn good about not using cling wrap!   It’s just like wrapping a present and the gift you give is homemade with love.  They look so awesome folded up in these cute prints (see some of the latest prints below) or the snack size (20×20)  folded into a little pouch which is perfect for on the go snacks/crackers nuts etc.

What you might want to know about the wraps is they are not recommended to use with meat.  Reason being you can only wash your wraps in cold soapy water and hang to air dry.   Hot water would obviously melt the product!   So, you might think, well that’s great Rachael what the heck do I cover my meat with??  Well, there are a few different things I use.  Baking paper and or a plate over the top of the bowl.  If you are using the meat the next day or so a damp paper towel does the trick just fine and it also lets your meat breathe and stops it drying out.  Then into your bin or compost, it goes….no harm done.

For anyone looking to make the change, it is an investment that’s well worth it.   They are long-lasting and can be re-waxed again after a year or earlier depending on how often you use them.  Once you re-wax them they are they are good to go again #winning!

It’s such a fantastic feeling to know you are producing a product that has a positive impact on the environment.  I want to help preserve this beautiful place we live so I am trying to practice zero waste in my approach.  I am using offcuts to make fire starters and the bigger offcuts I use to show people samples of the product.  My labels are printed on enviro recycled paper and one day at a time I am getting there…

I have embraced the challenge of trying to be creative to reduce waste in all areas of the household and love finding other environmentally friendly stuff out there!

So…..  hopefully, this has inspired a few of you to give it a go!  If this sounds like you pop over to my FB page @curiouskale and see more details about my wraps and make a purchase if you please 🙂

aroha nui (much love)


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