Bee my Valentine!

Well hello and Happy 2018!  It’s been a while between blogs but here I am.  We have had a great time over summer with family, friends and a general recharge of the batteries.   We have had oodles of time playing with the kids on the beach and I have to say it really does bring back the child in you!   Whether it be splashing in the water, making sand castles, jumping in the waves, or laughing out loud it all feels pretty darn good for the soul!

All of a sudden it’s February and Valentine’s Day is upon us!  So I thought to myself this Valentines day why not start a family tradition.  Instead of it being just about having a partner and gifting them why not make it a family event.  Teaching the kids a bit about gratitude and appreciating the loved ones in your life.  What is life without the people that really matter who are in it??   They say actions speak louder than words so why not have an act of kindness day.  Whether that maybe bringing a hot cuppa in the morning, a cuddle or something special in the lunchboxes.  It doesn’t all have to be red roses and expensive dinners  although don’t get me wrong that can be nice too, but not always necessary.  

With two young boys date nights are few and far between, so why not include the kids in this day?  I want my boys to appreciate what and who they have in their life.  So today will be spent sharing the love and paying it forward to as many people as we see.   That includes smiling at a stranger, giving way to a car, or helping somebody out.  You just never know the difference you could make to another person’s day.

So anyway it go me thinking what is Valentine’s Day really about? Other than St Valentine I couldn’t really pinpoint or remember exactly what the story was.  So I did a little google and I found this short clip with a few interesting facts.  I’m not sure how accurate is is, but it gives you a brief overview to the history of Valentine’s Day so your not left in the dark either!

Aroha nui

Rachael xo



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  1. Kristen says:

    I love this so much Rach! Our anniversary’s in 2 weeks so we talked to the kids about it being a day of love but that also means love for our community too. We are spending our afternoon baking yummy stuff to donate to Kai Aroha and then making a delicious dinner and dessert ❤️ I should go watch that video too haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Curious Kale says:

      Thanks Kristen thats so awesome! I had not heard of Kai Aroha previously so it will be great to be able to help the people
      in community xoxo


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