Candida Cleanse Diet – have you tried it?

Candida cleanse, have you tried it?

The candida cleanse diet involves removing all foods that promote the growth of candida.  In short, Candida is responsible for many chronic diseases we see.  The symptoms can be varied and become very severe.  There are 4 stages to Candida, the fourth resulting in a virtual shutdown of various organs of the body.

I was in the first stage of Candida overgrowth so only mild symptoms.     I decided on giving it a go, as I had been on antibiotics a lot the previous few years (as a person who suffers from chronic infected sinuses and sinusitis) I knew my system needed a bit of help!  It seemed simple enough, all I had to do was put good food into my body, how hard can it be right? I had already become dairy and gluten-free at the start of the year so I thought this wouldn’t be too much of a challenge.  Wrong! this cleanse diet was quite specific and meant excluding a lot of foods you take for granted.  Certain vegetables and definitely anything processed was off the list.  So no coffee, no sugar, and definitely no alcohol!

I kind of fumbled into my first week and by day two, I knew I had to get menu planning and fast.  I was constantly hungry and the hardest part was reaching for a snack looking in your pantry and finding nothing suitable to eat!

How did I feel? Once I got organised and sorted the weekly menu I knew I was getting all the goods on board.  I felt quite inspired by the change.  What I didn’t bank on was that constant feeling after every meal as if I was missing something.  Was  I still hungry?  No, I think for the most part it was craving something else….maybe sweet?

I am a protein and carbohydrate gal, I need both to keep me going in the afternoon.  So I was certainly getting a good protein hit, but perhaps not as many carbohydrates as I would have liked!  The first week was the worst battling this feeling of unfinished business.  oh and the headaches for the first few days – that wasn’t fun while the body adjusted.   Then it happened. Near the end of my second week, the desire to want something else to eat (sugar, carbohydrates whatever I was craving) started to subside.  I also noticed I was having the most magical sleep. My head would hit the pillow and I would be out like a light.  Deep restful periods of sleep I haven’t had in years!  I was as regular as clockwork haha! You probably didn’t want to know that!!    Another weird change – my tongue was smooth!

I did the cleanse for two and half weeks as recommended by a health professional.  The length of the cleanse depends on the severity of your symptoms.   A positive change has been more awareness around how much sugar sneaks into our diet. I didn’t think I ate a lot of sugar, but it was all the little items that refined sugar is hidden in.  My husband also did the cleanse (he wasn’t super stoked as he is a coffee and chocolate guy) and has found some positives too.  We have now kept with a staple of protein and salad for lunch, which is huge for my husband who has been a sandwich kind of guy for years.

If you google the Candida Cleanse diet, you will get a whole array of positive/negative feedback (as you do when you venture into the world of Dr Google) but the key thing for this cleanse is knowing full well your reasons.  Why do you want to do it?  Following under the guidance of a professional certainly helps give you the confidence you are on the right track.  Also, you cannot deny the changes you notice in your body, and that’s what kept me motivated.  I’m so pleased I did it, even though it was tough, the changes were worth it and now I have a whole new range of ideas for meals.  Sometimes you just get stuck in the rut of your day to day eating, embrace the change with welcome arms and you will succeed.  Mind over matter right?

Since this diet I have had the odd wine and chocolate and what did I notice straight off the bat?  I was wired again and couldn’t sleep!  It’s now clear to see how much-refined sugar does affect your body – the connection is right there.  As soon as I had a sugar hit, I started craving it all over again grr!  So addictive!

For anyone considering this diet, make sure you have a meal plan to succeed.  I have written my own and created recipes.  If there is enough interest I may compile my meal plans and recipes to help others get their health back on track.  If you want to know more you can email me your questions on my contact page.

Aroha nui


To explain Candida briefly I based it on information provided to me from The Healing Rooms.  If you want to know more I suggest talking to professionals such as these, to make sure you are well informed to achieve the best outcome for your body.





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