Survival tips for the School holidays

Well, well, well, the school holidays are upon us and the sun is shining, bonus!   School holidays never used to mean a lot to me in my pre-kids stage.  Only that there would be more annoying kids about and a little less traffic during work hours haha!!  Now I have kids and my eldest has started school I’m in a whole new phase.

I’d like to think I keep my boys fairly busy, but 2 weeks of kids wanting to do stuff all the time can be a challenge.  But fear not – I’ve thrown a few tips out there to brace you for the coming few weeks.  If you are working through, I’m guessing school holiday programmes will be the go.  For me, working at home just means I might include my son in some of the jobs I absolutely have to get done and I try and plan our activities around this.

So here are some tips and tricks you can do while your little people are holidaying it up!

  • Take a trip to the pools – Firstly it’s beneficial for parent and child, great exercise and this will wear out some of that relentless energy your kiddos have.
  • Go to the Beach – The beach is full of adventures, making castles, digging holes getting wet and having fun.  The beach is like a holiday in itself and we are so very fortunate to live 5 minutes from one.  So sorry to those of you that have to jump in the car and drive, we just toss a towel over our shoulder and we are off.
  • Go for a Walk – Check out the local walks in your area.  In Bay of Plenty we have heaps of tracks at your disposal, just check they are suitable for kids depending on their age and ability.  Our go-to here is Mount Maunganui or Papamoa hills but check out all the other little walks and try something new!
  • Go bike riding – Its beneficial for everyone.  If I want to ride I have to pop my 3-year-old on the back of my bike,  but my 5-year-old is more than capable.  Find some local tracks that you can go for a family bike ride.
  • Cook with your kids – I know sometimes this requires the patience of a saint but sometimes you’ve just gotta let it go.  Its how they learn, end of story, the messier the better sometimes.  Get out some cookbooks or look online and let your kids pick out a recipe they might like.  If you don’t have all the ingredients you can make that an excursion also.
  • Make Marshmallows – then toast them (build a fire – if there are no restrictions and they are of age to do this safely!) Make smores.
  • Take a Trip to the library – for those not so great a days.  A place we all enjoy and everybody can come home with something.  Plus you can also get DVDS which leads me onto my next activity.
  • Movie date – set up your very own cinema at home.  Make some popcorn (cheap as chips) and pull the curtains to set the scene.  Or if you can’t be bothered with that take them to the real deal.
  • Build a hut – Then hang out in it!
  • Check out Free kids events online – google that people!  The options are there!
  • Social time for everyone – invite friends over for BBQs who have kids too.  No need for you to miss out on socialising as well, everybody wins
  • Book in some Playdates – with their mates this can give you a few hours sanity and it works both ways!
    Go fishing  – take your kids fishing (if age appropriate!) my 5 year old loves it!
  • Do some Painting –  dig out the paints and have a painting session.
  • Messy play – it says it all, Playdough, gloop, slime and get amongst it.  There are some fab recipes for slime online – who doesn’t love slime!
  • Paint up some rocks – and go hide them. Follow your local FB rock page so you can photograph where you have put them.
  • Crossfit training – Want to get fit but you have your kids around?  Why not set up a Crossfit training station for the whole family.  Set up the activities, show the kids how to do it, put on the timer and away you go.  Sure it may not be without its interruptions but it’s spending time together and that’s what counts.

MEAL TIP: Lastly, holiday time usually means the kids are eating like hippos, here are a couple of quick ways to bulk up your meals.  Add grated carrot, cauliflower rice, quinoa or lentils next time you make a mince dish.  This also means you can buy premium mince and bulk it up with veggies, winning!   Our favourites are nachos, tacos or mince patties, they all work well with these additions or make up your own combo and be creative.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday.  I will officially be back in action on the 15th October but just lurking in the background in the meantime!

Aroha nui

Rachael xo

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