What on earth is Magenta Spreen?

In the last few years I have focused more on planning my garden, even if it looks like disorganised chaos, I’m totally down with that.  There is always a reason to my rhyme, but every now and again I grow or do something different and get unexpected results.  That’s the magic of gardening, we don’t need to know it all because that’s the beauty of learning, trial and error.

There has been much excitement about my magnificent Magenta Spreen its a new addition to the garden and man can it produce!!!  If you have a larger family and plenty of space this would be an ideal staple plant, because it yields for Africa.  Or if you’re like me and love to share your garden goodies then this one won’t let you down!

So what the heck is Magenta Spreen?  It also goes by the name lambs quarters and commonly known as ‘Tree spinach”   Its newest leaves have a touch of magenta pink, so visually a pretty sweet looking edible weed if you ask me.  It can grow up to 3 meters high – a detail I failed to pay attention to whoops!  So an important one to note if you intend on growing, and indeed how much Magenta Spreen one can actually consume – if you are living alone.

Magenta Spreen is packed full of nutrition! Rich in vitamin C and E, essential fatty acids, iron, calcium, minerals and antioxidants which are good for dealing with free radicals so its got all the goodies and then some. 

Its fab to pop into your smoothies and has its own taste going on.   It can be treated as you would spinach or other leafy greens.  The younger leaves will be better fresh in salads, however.


I recently tried this recipe — Magenta Spreen Patties from Julia’s edible weeds – (thanks Julia!) and it got a resounding high 5 from the hubby, 7-year-old and myself.  Mr 4 wasn’t eating at all that night so he doesn’t count, just not in the mood for food.  Let me remind you this is the crew who refused Kale but have succumbed to my persuasive nature p.s I sneak it in everything haha!  Win for Mum I’ll take it!

Are you a local, curious and would like to learn more about Magenta Spreen?  Perhaps you would like to try some? Send me a message and you are welcome to come over and collect some.  I can show you our giant beauty and chat about how to use it.  Before you know it you will be on your merry way, ready to get your own Magenta Spreen on!!

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