Spinach for the win!

As I peer across the deck to our veggie garden I see nothing but spinach exploding with nutritional goodness.  Hence my inspiration to write about the jolly green stuff, easy to grow, and high yielding for the win!

Our humble spinach patch

As far as leafy greens go spinach is pretty darn inoffensive.  It’s not super bitter (unless picked near its end) or crunchy but full of goodness packed full of nutrients and vitamins.  It is fast and easy to grow and doesn’t mind being potted or left in the garden.

I like to grow perpetual spinach as it just keeps giving and giving with sometimes minimal love (sorry spinach!) and yet it still loyally produces leaf after leaf of goodness. Spinach enjoys a life of full sun and free draining soil as its not a fan of having wet feet!  

If you don’t have spinach in your garden and you want a hardy reliable crop go get yourself some now!  Spinach can be grown from February to November in the Bay of Plenty, NZ and with the way the seasons are changing potentially other months too!  New Zealand spinach is super rich in vitamin A and also a good source of vitamin B!

My Top 5 uses for spinach:

  • Make yourself a nice curry like Saag Gosht a spinach and meat curry
    Spanakopita – lovely Greek spinach pie with puff pastry, feta, eggs and you guessed it spinach.
  • You can pop these lush leaves into your smoothie no sweat.
  • Great for adding to stir fries, salads
  • Green sauce
  • It works well in Muffins and Quiches 

I only have spinach and parsley cranking at the moment is because I want to redesign my garden beds.  The idea of planting out too much then having to sacrifice my plants was a no go for me, so I don’t go changing my mind!   If you have any tips or suggestions on something that you would like to share, please drop me a line.

Aroha nui

Rachael xo

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracey says:

    Hi Rach
    Do you have a recipe for Saag Gosht
    that you have tried and tested?
    Trace in Gizzy x


    1. Curious Kale says:

      Apologies for the delay – Nadia Lim does a nice one see link here 🙂 I hope Gissy is treating you well.


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