Hey there beautiful people,

I’m Rachael a fun loving Mum to two boisterous boys and wife to my awesome hubby. 

I am all about deep belly laughing, creating adventures out of the small stuff, providing simple, wholesome food to nourish your family and keeping it real!   I really dig growing my own produce to inspire healthy meals for the family.

Being active outdoors is what our family loves best, playing with the kids in the surf, hiking or biking and exploring mother nature at her best.

My soul does a happy dance when I get to be creative and makes a sad face when I see waste!  I’m pumped about sharing my adventures and inspiring others.

Curious Kale is all about…
“Fresh inspiration to fuel your belly and mind”


Want to know more?  Well…. I love creating good, simple, wholesome earthy food.  I’m pumped about sharing my adventures and giving you ideas to create good food to nourish your family.

You might often find me in a pile of dirt, in a pair of old jeans, T-shirt, and jandals out in the backyard getting messy with my kids!  I’m passionate about growing your own and inspiring others to get back to grass roots. 

Being active outdoors is what our family loves best, swimming in the sea, hiking or biking and exploring mother nature at her best.  “When you nourish yourself with good food it’s funny how everything else seems to flow”.  So keeping my family well-fed is my number one priority as well as teaching my kids healthy habits to last a lifetime.

My boys love getting hands on in the kitchen.  The end result, an absolute bomb site with half the ingredients eaten before they’ve made it to the dish!! (However, patience is a virtue my friends).  They can also often be found climbing on the kitchen bench and raiding the fruit bowl!  With my little men, you never know what curve balls life’s going to throw so a sense of humour is essential and I have learn’t not to take myself too seriously.

Luckily we live with the beach on our doorstep and an abundance of sunshine for the garden to thrive in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.  My love of food led me to train as a chef, but the recipes I share here are by no means Michelin star – they are healthy powerhouse food for busy families without the complicated ingredients or complex preparation, real food for real parents.

This blog is my happy space where I can share my love of food, gardening, family, writing and express my creative side with a pinch of crazy.  Thanks for stopping by, sharing some of our adventures and joining us for the ride…