Keeping it simple in the kitchen…

Here are some tips and tricks to reduce waste, save money and bulk up your meals. How good does it feel to provide good wholesome food – without breaking your back or the bank!

What are we feeding our sick people?

This is a controversial topic and I am by no means a dietician or nutritionist.  I have a basic foundation of knowledge on diets and nutrition based on my training and life experiences.  This is my opinion only and I do not write this with the intention of badmouthing hospitals as they do an amazing…

Kale and Cauliflower rice with a Polenta broccoli tower

Kale, do you have a love or hate relationship?
This weeks recipe might just change your mind? Kale and cauliflower rice with a broccoli and polenta tower.  I know what your thinking, crikey, that’s a lot of veg but it’s honestly really light and doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach! Come on give it a shot!

The humble crust – reinvented!

Do you need to give your fish pie that extra something? Missing a little crunch in your meals? Heres some quick tips on how a bit of early preparation can help, give your meal the X factor!

Winter vegetable mission…

One sunny day we bundled ourselves into the car and headed out to Grower Direct in Te Puna. We were on the mission to get winter crops for our garden!

Bacon bone and vegetable broth

This hearty, wholesome slow cooker Bacon bone and vegetable broth is my classic go to recipe in our house. A little preparation early on goes a long way. Packed with flavour, full of natural goodness and super tasty too!

Lunchbox inspiration

Lunches can be a weekly battle. With a little lunchbox inspiration and tips I will help you get your lunch mojo back! You will also find a couple of recipes – Apple and cinnamon Waffle and Parmesan Melt to get you started.

This is me…

My first ever blog post whoop whoop here it is…. Curious Kale exists at last!! It’s not just a figment of my imagination but a real thing!! What a journey it has been to get here, and words can’t fully explain what this means to me – so in a wrap yeahha yippy yiy yay!!!! That is all 🙂

Beef & Mango brown rice salad

This tasty Beef and Mango brown rice salad is sure to become a favourite in your house! Super nutritious, a little goes a long way to fuel your family.